Inquiry with the Council


Members of the Council were asked 5 questions by one of their greatest supporters around the period which they convened in 2011. The valuable insights this offers was recognized right away and to that, we thought we’d share these questions and there responses. In reading, we affirm you’ll have a deeper understanding of each council […]

Convening of the Council

sage and pinecone closeup

History & purpose of the Convening Initiated in 2009, an inspired vision soon birthed the Councils first ritual during the Winter Solstice that same year. This ritual of rebirth would be the inaugural event that’s set the stage for this humble Council to then work collectively in offerings of education, ritual, healing, facilitation of community […]



Here you’ll discover liturature, video and audio offerings. Some by members of the Council and several from you, the community. You know, we’d love to have your submission of poetry and stories in any format, so we can share them with the world right here. Come back on occassion to see new content, get inspired […]

Our Vision & Mission


While speaking clearly and with compassion- we intend to guide those who seek our guidance- be guided by our elders and wisdom keepers- seek out the wisdom of our Mother Earth- be present with every experience- listen with open hearts and minds and offer a gentle yet firm reminder of the universality of transformation

wren walking through forest


We the members of the council offer the world our gifts as spiritual teachers & transformational healers. It’s from this space of Love, intention and open hearts that we speak to you, and from this space we offer what wisdom we may have and our humble service. Learning to honor our own paths has meant transcending the bonds and expectations of our family, friends and society. It has meant transcending ordinary binary roles and perspectives; this search brings us greater clarity and purpose. It is this that we bring to our work as healers, teachers, mystics and artists. This very transcendence, this essential difference, allows us to be guides in a world awakening to a new, more loving and accepting unbounded truth.

The Council

  • Leeza


    Biography “Love IS- indeed beyond conception, beyond the bounds of space/time- Love IS, Love gives rise to all that is manifest, and among all that is manifest- these words, these words… expressed by the one who Loves beyond any limit or measure” ~Leeza   As a spiritual teacher, I continue to be present for and […]

  • virginia st paul


    Biography “The transgender community faces tremendous challenges for our rights as equal citizens, but we face even greater opportunities to be the leaders of a world awakening. We have been given spiritual gifts to speed the world toward the awakening, to a partnership of understanding between ethnicities, nationalities and genders.” Just as we have experienced […]

  • Snow Wren


    Biography Hi, I’m Wren Walker Robbins. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a two-spirit woman whose familial roots reside on both sides of the Conquest of the Americas, and like many of us who are part of this legacy, my traditions, those of my great grandmothers—Kahnawake or Mohawk and Scottish women—pass down to me through a […]