2011 Convening

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 2011 Convening of the Trans-spiritual Council

Officially announced: September 11, 2011

“How Do We Help Support & Create Healthy Communities For Our Queer, Trans & Gender-Queer Youth?”

The Trans-Spiritual Council will be convening in the Twin Cities October 29 – November 1, 2011 to create ceremony, learn, share and teach together in community. Intending to engage parents, community leaders, teachers and all those who affirm and work to provide safe and thriving communities for our children as they negotiate their present lives. We also intend to prepare them and us for a peaceful future of cooperation and continuity.

“One of the most important gifts we can give our children is the ability to love themselves unconditionally”, said Virginia Stephenson of the Council. “How can we model this for them, and how can we build communities which support and contribute to a climate of acceptance, love, and support?  Our world needs the gifts, talents, and abilities of these wonderful children.” Wren Walker Robbins of the Council says, “This means working with folks to build strong supportive communities for trans/queer children. Working with families, neighbors, and teachers – the ones that help shape their/our children’s identities – to question frameworks that undermine their sense of self. Speakin’ our truths about values and beliefs that sidetrack our identities and marginalize our communities is important work to be doin’. Seeing the connections between this work and spiritual growth of our communities is the work of the Trans-Spirit Council”. And Leeza Edwards of the Council offers, “There’s nothing authentic about wishing the world’s youth will “get better” in some future moment, or hoping for a resolution by some other community. It’s here, in this most precious moment, that actions and words arise from our space of deep knowing and affirming voice, to create a world of continuity. It’s here, in this most tender heart, that we engage fully, as a community, our community, in service to all from a place of Love”.

This is a wonderful opportunity for active participation in conscious co-creation, especially for those in Minneapolis / St. Paul and surrounding communities. The Council invites everyone to attend any and all planned events during this significant gathering. Visit transspiritcouncil.org for complete details and to RSVP for all the events.

scheduled public engagements:
10/28/11 – Friday at 7 p.m. – Council’s Opening Address – St. Paul residence- email wren@transspiritcouncil.org or 612-615-2605

10/29/11 – Saturday at 4 p.m. – Inanna Ritual – Amanae Frequency of Brilliance Retreat Center

10/30/11 – Sunday at 9 a.m. – Oneness Blessing – St. Paul residence- email wren@transspiritcouncil.org or 612-615-2605

At 1 p.m. – Writing Workshop & Talking Circle – Amanae Frequency of Brilliance Retreat Center



Here are the public programs that found great attendance in St. Paul, MN

The host for this year was Wren Walker-Robbins.
Some of the programs below will be offered again in 2012 and planning is underway for the 2012 convening of the Council in and around Tacoma, WA!

October 28, 2011 @ 7 p.m
OPENING ADDRESS in the Mohawk and Iroquois traditions, the Opening Address is the first thing done before anything important happens.  As the address begins, we first express our deepest sense thankfulness for being in community.  We express our awareness of our interdependence – that we need one another.  Then in the address we move on to expressing our thankfulness all things.  The address is part of an oral tradition that spans across probably thousands of years that ties us to all things.  It is beautiful experience to share in a community.  All are welcome in this ancient circle – come, share, and be moved in love and respect for all things.  Appropriate for those who are new to ritual, or those who are “old circle keepers.”. All you need to bring is your open heart.

October 29, 2011 @ 4 p.m.
THE INANNA RITUAL is based on an ancient Sumerian myth from 3-4000 BCE, called “the Descent of Inanna”. In the ritual, the initiate passes through 7 gates to a symbolic death and burial, giving up 7 elements of worldly suffering in the process. The initiate then “rises” and drinks the water of life and lives in a newly resurrected form. The intention of the ritual is for the initiate, participants and observers to rise to a higher state of consciousness, and that the transgender community (as representing all oppressed peoples) will evolve from a place of suffering and oppression to a higher place of service, honor and healing. We intend this for our world. This ritual is open to all, and is appropriate for persons with little experience with ritual as well as those who are experienced.

October 30, 2011 @ 9 a.m.
THE ONENESS BLESSING RITUAL is a community expression of our oneness with each other, and with our world. The Blessing is an impartation of divine grace and unconditional love, and is a one minute blessing of the hands resting on the head of another. Through this intention of grace and love we can accept the blessing that we need from the Divine, as well as realize our oneness with all things. This blessings is for ALL persons.

October 30, 2011 @ 1 p.m.
WRITING WORKSHOP / TALKING CIRCLE I started doing the writing workshop with Eliane Sutton in Taos, NM years ago.  It was, and still is, a beautiful practice that in almost no time at all begins to weave heart-felt connections between people.  It is a gift, and it is medicine.  It happens in two 30 minute rounds that each begin with the leader of the group sharing a short, thoughtful passage from a book or some other reading- they just read it aloud.  Then the entire group puts their pens to paper and they write the first story that comes to mind.  It can be anything that comes to mind-anything!  The key is making sure that our internal editor, or critic is turned off.

The writing workshop will be followed by a Talking Circle, a way of communicating that grows out of indigenous traditions. A talking circle is a kind of council where people sit in circle, in respect, and openness.  A Talking Circle can bring a community into deep harmony.

We want to combine the writing practice and Talking Circle to begin to weave community around the following question: “How do we help support and create healthy communities for our Queer, Trans, and Gender Queer children?”


Also check back soon as we publish the details for the 2012 Convening in Tacoma, WA.