Advisory Council

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An advisory council was established in 2012 with the clear intention to aid the Trans-spiritual Council in fulfilling its mission by extending its reach to communities world-wide, discovering opportunities to serve, helping to coordinate activities and offer practical & spiritual guidance.

As it’s name suggest, it is a council unto itself—deeply woven into the Trans-spiritual Council, we affectively become one unified body of teachers, healers and leaders.falls with streaks of light

Current members:

Annie R. of Gig Harbor, Washington

Victoria Q. of Gig. Harbor, Washington

The Council is blessed to have such compassionate friends that guide us and build bridges to the larger community.

Contact us at for all general inquiries, volunteering opportunities or interests in becoming a member of the Advisory Council.

Our beloved sponsors and support organizations:



We thank all of the volunteers for their prayers, loving support in creating the Convening of the Council events, creating the website and financially. A seat on the Advisory Council does not require a position within Universality of Transformation. Please let us know how we can serve!