Advisory Council

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An advisory council was established in 2012 with the clear intention to aid the Trans-spiritual Council in fulfilling its mission by extending its reach to communities world-wide, discovering opportunities to serve, helping to coordinate activities and offer practical & spiritual … Continued

Community building in Tacoma and Seattle Feb 2013

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Leeza will spend the bulk of February connecting with various groups in Tacoma and Seattle Washington, nurturing community that’s spiritually-centered and facilitating the cleansing of collective old wounds that have plagued LGBTQI peoples for generations. Her relationship with communities like … Continued


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Ancestors From my vibrant cellular structure, The microscopic, DNA vibrations, The mists of ancient flowing time I can feel the heritage from my ancestors. I can feel my own physical phenomenon, I can touch the fibers of my inheritance, I … Continued

Questionnaire-2012 Convening

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The Trans-Spiritual Council convened in Tacoma Washington September 19 – 24, 2012 to offer ceremony, to learn, share and teach together in community. Intending to engage LGBTQI community, parents of LGBTQI youth, allies, community/spiritual leaders, teachers and the community at … Continued

2012 Convening

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The Story of Now: Affirming Pathways / Building Spiritual Communities Our theme for this years Convening is a clear and loving reminder to all, that spirit lies in the heart of Being and our story of “me” grows into the … Continued

Healing the inner child

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 “Here I am again, wondering if things will ever change or get better…  This conflict is always with me – this place where sadness and frustration are woven into so many of my days – it’s like an old suitcase … Continued

Precious broken-legged dance

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I want to tell you a story. Here it is. A young girl leaves her home, she leaves her family and her clan. She goes out onto the prairie alone. Is she seeking her name? Is she seeking her vision? What … Continued