Community building in Tacoma and Seattle Feb 2013

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Leeza will spend the bulk of February connecting with various groups in Tacoma and Seattle Washington, nurturing community that’s spiritually-centered and facilitating the cleansing of collective old wounds that have plagued LGBTQI peoples for generations. Her relationship with communities like the Gender Alliance of the South Sound is bearing much fruit in this last year and she finds “such tender connections with those who give so much to their chosen family.” Some of the focus is on building a coalition of the varied trans* and allied organizations. As well as instill a sense of purposefulness in community actions.

It is so healing to witness people as they function from the perspective of unity. Moving beyond the busy, fragmented mind that has created such a divided world.

If you’re in the region and would like to participate or offer support in any way, connect┬átoday and let’s be a part of the healing!