Healing the inner child

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 Here I am again, wondering if things will ever change or get better…  This conflict is always with me – this place where sadness and frustration are woven into so many of my days – it’s like an old suitcase I carry with me wherever I go.  I can’t shake these feelings of shame. I can’t seem to transition to a place where I feel good about myself and the interactions I have with co-workers and family.”

Life isn’t meant to be this way…  Its meant to be experienced as a fulfilling journey- one where we learn to master new lessons that engage our curiosity and tickle our funny bones. This is the journey we were meant to have- one of positive growth. If we’re living our life constantly bumping up against the same old obstacles, or constantly reliving the same conflicts again and again never making headway, it maybe that somewhere inside us- buried in old wounds, is a child waiting to be healed.

The inner child- as you become aware of it, is as essential to your being than the one in the mirror. And as you reflect more deeply, you can begin to recognize that they come together in such tender ways.

If we live life closed to the free flow of emotions, unable to express our authentic selves, there is a “block” in at least some of the normal pathways of expression that are essential to living a fulfilling life.  This is often due to a parent who were themselves blocked and therefore were unable to help us feel “OK”- being angry, or fearful, or sad when we were children. This can be a life-long “block” if we don’t recognize we have a an important role to play “untying the knot” that blocks our growth and the joy that comes with it.

Many healers envision that within each of us is an inner child who personifies our early   childhood relationships, especially those with our parents. These can be charged emotions; feelings that produce opportunity to react in fear, anger, or depression. Or they can be joyful emotions; feelings and experiences of imagination, playfulness, or wonder.

Healing the inner child means going back to events in our past which have subtle or symbolic connections (charge) to behaviors in our present. We ask the divine, or Spirit, or consciousness, to bring healing light to bear on the past wound, so that we may be able to act and experience life in the present. Free from the effect of the past event. 

Healing comes in a shamanic healing session when we ask the divine to go back and show us the event in childhood where this happened, and then facilitate shamanic healing of the event, of the memories and of the person in the present moment.

Healing occurs in the present moment of awareness. Its an allowing of Truth, joy, inner peace and balance to be re-embodied. Its a return trip home- to our natural state of wholeness.

This healing also serves to release an appreciation for the joyful emotions, and to experience our world with the wonder of a child’s eyes, and the imagination of the soul.

You as a transperson, may need healing for some of your past experiences, so you can enjoy and appreciate who you are in the present. The Council is ready to assist you in finding this healing and in helping you to release the wonderful joyful emotions of your beautiful inner child.


This is part of a growing body of teachings offered by the Trans-spiritual Council. More coming soon!