Hidden Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools

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 Introduction to the 13 week course:

The Hidden Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools!

You are not separate from God, even though you might not feel this way. However, after these 11 steps you will be in a state of oneness with God. Ancient mystery schools brought their candidates face to face with God and allowed them to experience God as themselves. Most of us were led to believe that God is separate from us: a result of our culturally -taught dualistic world view.
The meaning of Jesus has been very confused by present day conservative Christianity. He is the example of a successful Mystery School initiate. Instead of being “the God”, we see him as our teacher and our pattern to God realization. Like Buddha, Jesus teaches us to stand in our power for the suffering of the world. Walking the 11 steps of realization, the group process will reveal Jesus’ story to be the journey of every person: searching for wholeness, wrestling with the ego, and discovering the divine self. Using the gestalt process, the stories become our stories, leading us to wholeness and God realization. The resurrection becomes our rebirth into God.
In this course, sacred allegories are relived in the present tense. This is an intuitive right brain experience. This, plus our left brain logical understanding, provides for the integration of the authentic knowledge of God. New neuropathways will result, which creates new oneness beliefs instead of the old dualistic beliefs. After taking the 11 steps, we experience ourselves as one with all creation, while retaining our uniqueness and individuality.
Are you on an awakening path and looking for advanced spiritual techniques? These realizations will help you to understand the nature of Oneness and the Divine, and how to practically and spiritually help yourself, your friends, and the world, to awaken from the trance of greed, selfishness and competition, and to turn this suffering into JOY. The course consists of 13 weeks of group training, a 50 page workbook, as well as private sessions with the facilitators.
Virginia and Buck will be teaching this course at the Unity Church in Albuquerque, NM beginning Sept. 12, 2012.