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“Love IS- indeed beyond conception,

beyond the bounds of space/time- love IS,

love gives rise to all that is manifest,

and among all that is manifest- these words,

these words… expressed by the one who loves beyond any limit or measure” ~Leeza

Like many others, I knew early in life that gender was not the rigid, fixed concept that the world around me was insisting it was. However, taking action on this deeper truth wouldn’t come for quite some time as I worked to fit in and thought that if I denied it enough, life would be simpler.

As it turned out, life would be rooted in denial for the better part of 30+ years. Those years included marriage, military service, discovery of my Cherokee ancestry and being supremely focused on ‘making a living’ in the world of computers.

A new path of rediscovery would begin in 2000 when I allowed myself to live more fully—embracing the feminine aspects of my being which was in many ways liberating and yet the sense of insufficiency had become enhanced. Gender, as it turned out, was only the opening gambit in the story of me.

Life was teaching me a great lesson in the art of letting go. Relinquishing possessions, familiar surroundings, ingrained traditions and the need for comfort was becoming a daily teaching in humility.

A shift of awareness at the age of 40 would be yet another kind of transformation. Old perceptions of lack and fear immediately give way to love and seeing with new eyes how miraculous, mysterious and beautiful life truly is. Which is not a new thinking process nor is it some positive, disconnected state.

It is the direct realization of the ever-present awareness, which shows up as being intimately connected and celebrates life in all its exquisite diversity.

Regardless what identity(s) you’ve ascribed to, the invitation is to continue the investigation—to be fully invested in life. Which requires acceptance, openness and listening.

The intention of this Council is to function as a vessel for learning and exploring the gender journey with you. To discover how such a journey is, at its core, spiritual.

We are here, fully available to listen and indeed celebrate the diverse expression of life, that is you.



Leeza’s activities

Leeza offers talks, meditations and guidance in the Pacific Northwest U.S. She’s engaged in community building and is the founder of Embodied Peace in Vancouver, Washington.

Leeza’s currently writing a book on consciousness, self-realization and the nature of Peace.