P.R.I.D.E – a poem of acceptance

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Artist’s statement:

Dare to dream of a world where everyone is accepted for who they are.


My family went to the Pride parade

And Pride is a big happy family

where everyone can be themselves

And there are no secrets.

And Pride is a rainbow-

The biggest rainbow stretching out across the sky

The greatest wonder of the world-

A mighty bridge to acceptance and eternal gratitude for love

And the people-

The beautiful people

Wild and strong

Walked down the street announcing their freedom

Great and terribly majestic

Amazing and noble and proud

Waiting to be unleashed into the world to speak their minds

Like a caged bird waiting to be set free.

And what makes these people who they are?

They have different beliefs about love

They are Lesbian or Gay or Bi-Sexual or Transgender or Queer

They are who they are- we are who we are

And they wish one wish together

So simply

To be accepted for whom they are

Into this world a one

Together they hold hands

And strive to create to world they see when they close their eyes at night

To struggle against the barrier- the invisible hands separating them from us

To become one

The People.

My family went to the Pride parade

And Pride is a big happy family

Where everyone can be themselves

and there are no secrets……….

Lindsey D. Wills


Written October 20th, 2011 by Lindsey D. Wills age 10 of Washington state.

Lindsey’s poem was written as a submission for the National PTA Reflections competition for this year, and their theme for 2011 is “Diversity Means..”

Lindsey’s response:
Diversity means everyone has a right to believe in himself or herself.