Spirituality is the lived experience of the Divine—the direct experience for which language falls short. This response for example is not by way of definition or any story about spirituality, rather it’s a pointer to the boundless and ever deepening aliveness that avails itself to all beings here and now.


We have the experience of feeling separate from others, the feeling of aloneness, and spirituality is the process whereby we recognize and discover our oneness and presence and connection with each other. This presence would include all of nature and with what we call God, or Spirit. The process by which we find that God is one with us and we are one with the world is our spirituality.


For me, spirituality grows in the tapestry of the interconnections I share with the people, animals, and plants in the world around me. In this way spirituality is connection. It represents the conversations, intuitions, and feelings I share with the entire world around me, which is all divine. My own spirituality is as complex and woven as my identity and not in any way separate from it, and it shifts and changes as I do. Spirituality is a mysterious act in any one moment, and a healing journey of being and becoming.