It is a way of using language, albeit playful, to open up the vista in dialogue of sacred/spiritual paths, that one’s gender and spiritual journeys, when thoroughly investigated becomes unified. The word is poignantly hyphenated to indicate this relationship of transgender, often cited as “Trans*” and spirituality. So we have a word that can speak to this rich, integrally immersive spirituality, that many throughout human history have embodied. Though I don’t need the word, I see the beauty in what it intends to express.


Trans people in ancient days filled the roles of priests, shamans, healers, mediators, teachers and visionaries. Now is the time to rediscover those ancient gifts in ourselves and help to heal our world. The beginning of this is to find the place within us, where we love ourselves unconditionally, even with parts or aspects we would like to change. Trans people also discover that we can love ourselves when some people do not, and be secure in our gender and spiritual place.


For me, being transgender is a gift. I was born into a world that did not hold a healthy place for me. Because of this I experienced shame for who I was. But that was not to be the end of the story. Little by little with help from my community I began to realize that what I was being offered as a transgender being was a choice. I could choose to live in the world in a non-spiritual way unconnected to my spirit, my community, my history and my ancestors. Or I could choose to re-vision the world around me so that I would be open to being fed by the rich tapestry of interconnections that supported me. I chose the latter and set off on a re-visioning journey – a spiritual journey that gives me strength, happiness and gifts beyond measure – love, compassion, and a way of being that is accepting. It’s not that the shame never existed in me or has power over me, but that with care and attention, I can begin to shape my life so that it no longer controls me. This is the gift of trans-spirituality – choice –to reconceive of your life in ways that are healing, and the opportunity to share this with your family and community. This is what trans-spirituality means to me.