To those self-identified as transgender, gender queer and the like, be open to the beauty of being you, beyond any label or identity. It is such a common thing we do, to so readily identify ourselves as a this or a that; only to get lost in the words, the concepts and the seemingly endless thoughts that either elevate our status or reinforce a sense of worthlessness. Understand that having an identity is not the issue, rather how there’s a tendency of mind to confuse the words for the reality. Inquire within as often as you’re able and discover the unconditional love that rest behind all of the uncertainty. What emerges, when you sincerely investigate your essential nature, is a profound realization that your presence in this world bring balance and is indeed a great gift. These are not mere words, this is what I know, beyond thought. To everyone who conceives of gender as fixed and binary, the same basic message applies. Look within to see the beauty and mystery that such a journey affords. Choose to look beyond any concepts that often attend such an idea as transgender, lest we trivialize the lives of others. It takes more effort actually, to categorize and devalue the so-called “other”, which is merely a projection of the insecurities within. Are we open to the sincere inquiry, that once and for all, places the old gender paradigm to rest? Did we ever look at a butterfly, knowing of its process, and insist that it should have always been as such? Our world did not come to an end when we discovered the journey of the butterfly, rather we saw the awesome grace of nature finding new and exquisite ways to express itself.


To trans people: Please let us continue to resist and fight against the discrimination we suffer, but let us go beyond that to help others to see a way to build bridges rather than walls, to love and not judge, and to create ways that our world can work with all of us. To non-trans people: we are just like you, we just have had different life experiences. Let us listen and learn from each other, work together to common goals, and resist judgments and encourage support and help for each other.


If you can, begin making decisions that help you let go of the separateness our society seems to thrive on. Start imaging a society that truly values diversity. A society that believes spirituality exists in every part of your life. That it is a unique experience that transcends all boundaries, and that grows out of our many different connections. Imagine a society that finds value in every child and every adult if you can. What decisions can you make right now that set you on this path to wisdom and sustainability? What decisions can you make right now that help you deconstruct the beliefs and values you’ve internalized that limit your own possibility and the possibility of the world around you? Become a teacher who has thought and felt deeply about respect and humility. You have two eyes and two ears, and only one mouth. Remember that your words are powerful. Be cautious and thoughtful when using them.