That awareness is beyond thought. In any given experience, we can find ourselves in thought or have moved to the dimension of awareness, which is beyond thinking. Attend to the language. Most people would agree and/or have some understanding that language shapes the mind and is worthy of attention but find it difficult to cultivate such attention. Resulting in rigidly held concepts and the development of belief systems, serving to reinforce a mind that resists having new perspectives. To open up to life, as if it mattered; with the curiosity of a child. To the degree that we can open up and receive life, is the degree in which new thinking and experiences come about. Self-inquiry, meditation and contemplative practices are essential to moving beyond the familiar canvas of seeking for what is already here and now.


Love is multi-faceted. Firstly we must learn to love ourselves. This means that we love ourselves unconditionally WITH the traits and behaviors that we may not like about ourselves and want to change. Then…with the same love by which we love ourselves unconditionally, we can then love others without judgment. This is the key principle which opens us to the creative process.


Respect, humility, courage, and wisdom.