The human experience, complete with an egoic sense of self, is essential for the evolution of spirit. I understand human life, with all its sufferings and ecstatic joys, to be an exquisite process of spiritual maturation. The individual experience offers that we have a unique karmic path, giving us countless experiences in being of service to others, discovering that we are truly not islands unto ourselves; all the while growing in our embodiment of gratitude, compassion and love. Which are fundamental to spirit.


Our purpose and meaning is to alleviate the suffering of the world. The way we learn to do that is for each of us to learn how to deal with OUR suffering, learning to love ourselves, and heal ourselves. This results in being able to understand how to heal and love the world, loving them as I love myself. This also results in seeing the walls between persons, and genders, and nationalities, and ethnicities, dissolve as we realize our connection to all.


This is not a question I can answer.