In innumerable ways; most of which are beyond words. The gender journey long preceded any thought of spirituality. It was an arduous and often debilitating journey that humbled, inspired and transformed who and what I thought “I” was. There was a growing sense of freedom, as the need to cling to past, possessions and identity continued to dissipate. This lead to an intimate and lifelong practice of deep self-inquiry, where spirituality and gender became entangled. Setting the stage for a contemplative and integral experience of life. There is now a freedom to talk about them as separate pathways or journeys; equally as I experience and know them to be as one. There is a context for all of it. The “idea” of transgender gave way to a transcendence of the binary; a natural process in moving to non-duality. The journey continues to be a great blessing, whatever we call it.


My dear friend Wren has taught me the application of the verb “to weave”. And my trans journey and my spiritual journey are woven together in a strong and beautiful way. My transition accompanied a spiritual awakening for me, and I was able to see the world and myself as connected as if we were strangers falling in love with ourselves at the dance. And the risky and uncomfortable and fearful experiences became a grand coupling with the possibilities of creation and life and joy and transcendence. Crossing genders is an experience that has so many lessons that I am still a student of my experience with it all.


My spiritual and transgender pathways have always been one and the same.