I’ve been told that it does and I see how it can. With some frequency I’ve found myself embodying a sense of what’s been referred to as “fierce urgency.” It shows up as being very direct, and enthusiastically asks direct questions, quite pointedly inviting one to act or function from a deep space of grounded intention, or we could call it mindful action. The usual drivers of activism, for example, are anxiety, fear and anger which are outcomes of being in discontent and dissatisfaction. Which may produce some measure of change, however is ultimately unsustainable. When the driver is purposefulness and compassion, the effects are lasting and truly transformative. Anything less would only serve to “reform” that which has already been identified as unjust, imbalanced or we could simply say, no longer serving. As we find ourselves no longer deifying or vilifying ourselves or the “others”, then truly we experience a new world. Growing in our recognition that the so called outer world is a reflection of the inner.


I think it has been “all hands on deck” for some time now. And if we are not showing up for action, then we are asleep. And I mean this not that we should all be participating in protests (although that is wonderful), but we should all be aware…. and conscious of our world and our place in it.


Yes—become whole and connected, and through this spiritual journey, heal yourself and your communities. Think beyond yourself as an individual remembering that healing is as much as a community process as it is a personal one.