Though I’ve been conditioned like most to conceive of this word to indicate a higher power, divine father figure and so on; it simply doesn’t occur to me, if rarely, that this is a particularly helpful pointer. Usually I express similar notions in terms of collective or universal consciousness, Divine mind or the infinite. Having said that, there is always a context to express ones path, one’s experience or the nature of that which is infinite. We could call it God, if it serves us to do so.


God, Spirit, Creator, Allah, Jesus are all names we have found convenient to call that which we feel we need to give us certainty and satisfaction. I believe that God is the divine spark that is in each of us. The connectedness and union of our higher selves, or our divinity, is what I would call God. This God, who is the sum of all things, moves in space and time through intention.


I do not know this God you speak of.