Consciousness, which is the animating force of all life, is released from its connection to the physical being. Often expressed as the “Self”, essential Self or conscious Self returning to the timeless and formless dimension. Which isn’t quite accurate, as there’s no “where” to “return” to. Consciousness simply is.


Early in my life, everyone around me believed in heaven, so I believed in heaven. When I stopped believing in heaven (as an afterlife destination), I realized that most everyone around me believed in reincarnation, so I did too. Now that I search and consider what I really believe, I am not so sure of what happens when we die. I do have direct experience in ancestral movement and action through time, so I know that my consciousness will continue to exist after death, and that I will still have some control of choices and decisions after I die. Basically I feel that as I act in this life in right action and right intention, that the afterlife will work out fine. In fact, it will be very exciting.


For me this question begs another question: “Where do I begin, and where do I end?” Birth and death are arbitrary classifications that can, if I let them, limit my understanding of the fundamental connections I share with everything around me. I have always been here. I will always be here.