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These are all archived prayers and affirmations from the original website. Enjoy!

Friday, September 9, 2011
The Council affirms that a sense of ownership, joy and community are the outcomes of the “Occupy Movement” happening the world over. That people- having expressed their readiness for change in our systems of governance, finance and healthcare, have been heard clearly.
We understand that such collective acts are born out of a collective intention. And in that- we humbly express our compassion and Love for peaceable change. Offering also- that all sustainable and meaningful change comes by way of a deep intention to co-create and not destroy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011
The Council is concerned at the recent events in Japan, especially for the loss of life as a result of the earthquake. Equally so for the recent meltdown of 3 of their nuclear reactors. Our air and oceans are now drastically affected by the subsequent toxic emissions as a result of the meltdown.
In addition to these accidents, we recognize that the use of nuclear fuel for reactors produces radioactive waste that endangers our future. We also recognize that the use of fossil fuels for power plants has contributed to global warming through the massive CO2 emissions as well as the harm to our earth in the mining of these fuels. Many miners have died in the process of extracting these fuels.

The council intends that all developed countries, especially the United States immediately begin to reduce consumption of energy and that solar and wind power be the primary means of energy.
We understand that such a shift will have dramatic effects but we feel it is absolutely necessary.

We also intend spiritual healing for our air and oceans, from the assaults they have suffered in recent years from oil spills and the nuclear meltdowns.

May the clarity of the divine in all of us create new life and new clarity in our oceans and air.
May our creative energies heal and clean each individual cell from the effects of these massive pollutions.
So may it be for the sake of us, our ancestors and our children.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
The council prays and intends that the death of Osama Bin laden will portend a new direction of thinking for the entire world. As their leader is no longer here, we pray that religious fundamentalists of the Middle East will reassess their goals and strategies, toward a new strategy of active awareness and communication of the needs of their people to the world, for peaceful negotiation and solutions. We also pray that the nations of the West, including the U.S., will be aware and sensitive that some of our past actions have contributed to the political, social and economic disadvantages of the Middle Eastern peoples.

We pray that we can all come together in love and compassion with a unified intention to help one another and heal the rift that divides us. In transcending our differences may we rise to new life.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Hiyahmoiyahnahey, Hey, Hey, Hey

Dear All, Great Mystery, please hear my prayers, may they fly straight from my heart.

Thank you for this beautiful day, may I use it wisely to grow deeper unto you and deeper unto my path, bringing them closer to being one and the same.

Thank you for my Dear Ones, may I use this day wisely to grow deeper unto them and them unto me, together a family we be. In all there is in that may we find our hearts and minds together.

May our loved ones who now struggle through this dark night find their prayers answered. May I be open to the love I send through this sacred moment.

May my spirit go out amongst all the tears, may it gather them all up, each one with humility and respect. May those tears come back to me so I feel all I need to feel in this moment.

To all those who have been touched by the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and elsewhere in the world, may strength be there for you in this moment and the next.

May each person touched by this disaster, and everyone taken from their beloveds find shelter in each other’s arms and each other’s hearts. May the tears that come to me now as I say this prayer find shape in my heart and humility in my bones.

May all those praying that this disaster will not deepen, that the worst is over, let their prayers fly straight from their hearts.

Dear All, Great Mystery, please hear our prayers.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Our prayer for this week is for the divisions between religions to fall, and for there to be no separation between people. Recently in Egypt on a Thursday, Christians held hands around the Cairo square to protect the Moslems who were praying, and on Sunday the Moslems held hands so their Christians brothers and sisters could pray in safety. Surely this universal respect for all people is a foretaste of the spiritual changes happening in the world, and of a new day to come. Let all of our differences recede into mutual love, respect and understanding of all tribes, clans, and peoples.
The Council affirms that our intention is for the awakening of the world to a state of love, compassion, respect for all.
To have a respect for our Earth.
This has typically been taught through our religious institutions, but many of those institutions have oppressed rather than nurture us.

Monday, February 28, 2011
We affirm a peaceful transition of power in Egypt.
May all who call her home, find common ground and equanimity.
In this most historic moment, we hold space for and affirm that indelible peace will be realized for all Egyptians.
We are in celebration with all the Muslims, Christians and other faiths as they come together by a shared vision.
We send our Love, open hearts and guidance.

~ We invite everyone to hold this affirmation with us.

~ Speak inspiringly with your Egyptian families & friends.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
The Council offers its prayers to all who’ve faced brutality in all its many forms.
We give our Love to David Kato Kisule, a Ugandan LGBT rights activist who was brutally beaten to death on January 26.
Extending our Love to David’s family, friends and colleagues.

May David Kato find peace with all the other LGBT martyrs and saints who have gone before him.

Saturday, January 8, 2011
The Council is thankful for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the US military, and we support the inclusion of sexual and gender minorities in all of our institutions and structures. We also affirm and pray for the end of all wars, and all aggression against nations or people. Our intention for peace and a sustainable future, means recognizing that each of us is given a unique gift and a unique voice, and each of us must be given an opportunity to develop that gift within institutions that acknowledge that gift and that right.


1.Pray for your own unique voice to bring peace of our world.
2.Reaffirm your commitment to respect all people, including LGBT people.
3. Commit to working collectively in support of the equality of all people.