Ritual in the Southeast mountains

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Virginia attended for the second year- one of the oldest trans-spiritual circles in the nation.

The 19th annual Kindred Spirits Circle on August 11-14, 2011 was held in Hot Springs, NC- an hour northwest of trans-friendly Asheville, NC.

Virginia presented a workshop: creating ritual for higher consciousness, in which the attendees co-create a ritual for spiritual transformation.

Description of the circle:
Each of our four days together, we share in daily sacred circles. Our Laurel River hike culminates in a ritual swim-frolic. Special teaching sessions will be offered by some of our veteran attendees, often including various intuitive and shamanic sorts of work. Our ceremonies climax on an ancient Cherokee bald mountaintop with a 360-degree vista. This retreat can be a life-changing experience for you, connecting with your trans-spiritual family, as well as launching you further along your own spiritual path. You are encouraged to bring your own unique visions and expertise to share within this powerful gathering of your own kindred spirits.
Visit Kindred Spirits for more details.
We encourage you to connect with the facilitator Holly- a gracious and Loving host.