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From attendees of the 2012 Convening of the Trans-spiritual Council in Washington state

Hosting the Trans-Spiritual Council Convening in the Tacoma/Olympia/Gig Harbor area was indeed a highlight in the history of the Gender Alliance of the South Sound. The leadership of GASS has long believed that our transgender support group and extended family is in need of not just information and help regarding this unique physical transition that we are involved in, but that the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of this amazing quest should also be intentionally explored and developed. From time to time we have integrated discussions of philosophy and spirituality into our regular meetings, but the Convening of the Council provided the opportunity to “go deep” into this realm, which is so important to the psychic welfare of us all. Leeza, Wren and Virginia are amazing teachers, healers, medicine women, mystics, and now dear friends of all who participated in the celebrations, presentations and workshops that they brought to our group. The each have their own substance and style, but their overall message is clear: We, the transfolk, have a responsibility to ourselves, to each other, and to the world to engage in the “fierce urgency” of the “Story of Now” by becoming our authentic selves: selves of compassion, transformation and deep understanding. All who attended were positively influenced by the flowing of love and community that the Council brings forth. And so we all were changed, and sent forward upon our own individual quests renewed, more hopeful, more open, more aware of our selves as part of a very special community with a very special task. We at Gass heartily recommend our sister/brother trans groups to share in the blessings of the Trans-Spiritual Council by hosting a convening within your circle. Prepare for transformation within transformation.

Annie R.


What did the trans spiritual council do to me? You might ask that but I think that it was more than do to me, than what I did to it! Without me there I would have probably not been as strong as I could have been today. The Spirit walk, the cleansing, the dharma talk all of it lead me to understand a little more about me wanting to be an activist and a spiritualist. I feel that I have a real role as a result of what happened with me and to me and for those that were with me on that journey. I still have a hard time with the earth and communicating with others sometimes.

I feel and sense things and I need to be cautious sometimes about my own insecurities other times about the spirits of others own bias. We all like to think we live in a vacuum and that we bother others sometimes and I still have that problem, reaching out wanting to touch others for fear of hurting the blade of grass. I really enjoyed Wren, Leeza, and Virginia showing us about what it meant to be women of a different cut of cloth and value that.

Giving a little part of you sometimes can be just as impactful as a true hug, I hope that shared time and shared space was as enlightening for me as it was for those that were there. I loved my experience and wish I could have had more time with them.

Allison S.


On behalf of the members of GASS, I offer heartfelt thanks to the Council for coming to us in September, 2012 for their annual convening. Echoes of what they showed all of us still reverberate strongly today. Now we intend to continue to teach the wonderful lessons we were shown.

The Council is really quite amazing; they came with sincere respect, genuine love and with clear intention to work with us. Their effect was powerful. Through our meetings at the conference we began to see glimpses of ways to live in harmony with the world and ourselves: Their message that our spirit is important and part of nature helps to inform each of us of our place.

Wren, Virginia and Lezza are beautiful souls. I love each of them and carry them in my heart.

Peace to All Beings,

Victoria Quaintance, Chairperson

Gender Alliance of the South Sound