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“The transgender community faces tremendous challenges for our rights as equal citizens, but we face even greater opportunities to be the leaders of a world awakening. We have been given spiritual gifts to speed the world toward the awakening, to a partnership of understanding between ethnicities, nationalities and genders.”

Just as we have experienced a crossing in our lives of our gender, even so we can see the crossing that our world is making in spiritual transition from patriarchy to a partnership society of sharing, inclusion, love and compassion. The result will be a place of being free of walls and separation from our brothers and sisters, to unite us within our family of humanity. Let us forsake comparisons, hierarchy, economic privilege, and racial and gender privilege, and unite in our oneness. Let us carry a flag for all, not a flag of our country, but a flag for the world, or the universe! Let us carry a flag for all peoples, not just for our ethnicity. Let us carry a flag for ALL genders, not just our natal or cis-gender, or even our affirmed gender.

We must truly evolve into a people of all colors, all genders, and all nationalities. In this we will ascend from our morass of separateness and find a world of joy, acceptance, love and compassion.

If we have accepted the call and courage and ability to change our birth bodies to our true spiritual and inherent gender then we can do anything! In something so marginalized and sanctioned by our society we have climbed the mountain, reached the summit and planted the flag. It is left to us to come down from that mountain and help and assist many to reach their new heights. This is our shamanic mission. We have a mission to other transgender folk, but also to all people. To our precious and gifted trans-folk: to help them and us find our place in the world away from shame and fear, and into a place of service and power. To all of humanity: to help them find their place where all things are possible and all goals are achievable. As a world we must forsake the necessity of war and economic and corporate privilege, as being more important than individual achievement and creativity.

Transgender people find your way and let us help! Our paths lie many years in its travels and we can help you in shortening the way for you. What do we receive from it? Seeing you fly. That is enough.

Virginia Stephenson received a B.A. in American History from Furman University. She has been a Christian minister, a Druid Priestess, a student and practitioner of Zen and Mahayana Buddhism, and has written and performed ceremony and ritual for participants to attain higher consciousness. She is a Oneness Blessing Giver. Most recently, she is traveling to conferences around the nation, teaching workshops on subjects relating transgender rights and spiritual consciousness. She has co-authored a book with Buck Rhodes, on pathways to higher consciousness through traditional spiritual texts, which was published in 2010.

Virginia’s activities

The Hidden Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools

Virginia will be teaching this course along with her friend Buck Rhodes at the Unity Church in Albuquerque, NM beginning in September 2012

Kindred Spirits Circle

For the 3rd year in a row, Virginia will be attending the celebration of their 20th year anniversary this summer at Hot Springs, NC. One of the oldest transgender spirit circles in the US. The weekend will be filled with drumming, ritual, workshops, and exciting adventures with all who attend. This is a private event.

A return to the eastern mountains

Virginia returned to Hot Springs near beautiful Asheville, SC this past August.

Virginia presented a workshop: Creating Ritual for Higher Consciousness, in which the attendees will co-create a ritual for spiritual transformation.

Virginia’s writings

Can Christians Be Saved?

Virginia’s newest book is an exquisite journey into her experiences and perspectives on the Christian tradition, the teachings of Jesus and the fundamental Truths that are revealed when seen through the lens of love. The book is available today via and other retailers.



Please check back- as Virginia’s work in community and teachings continues to grow!